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Associate Vice President of Fiscal Services
Open Until Filled
$106,517.95 - $129,472.83 Annually
Classified Manager

Under the general direction of the Superintendent/President, the Associate Vice President of Fiscal Services is responsible for the administration and supervision of the District’s payroll, financial reporting, external audits, and accounting services. The Associate Vice President monitors and directs the daily business and financial operations and is responsible for providing support for, and oversight of, the execution of the annual fiscal accounting closing process and audit.  The Associate Vice President manages the financial resources available to the District in a manner that leads to the maximization of resources devoted to the provision of educational services.  This position integrates both business and administrative support functions such as Finance and Accounting, Risk Management, and purchasing.

Distinguishing Characteristics
This position is the Chief Business Officer of the District, responsible for integrating a complex array of services that support the delivery of education.  This position is regularly involved in developing strategies and action plans with the Superintendent/President for effective use of funds and other resources to assure viable operation of the District.  There will be continuous and high level contact with other administrators, advisory boards, and external agencies to accomplish the objectives of the position.


This position requires a Master’s degree in business or public administration and at least eight years of progressively responsible experience in financial management and oversight of business support.  Experience in a school setting either at the District office level or school site administration is highly preferred. A CPA Certificate is desirable.

Knowledge and Skills

  • Advanced understanding of modern business management for non-profit entities, including the principles and practices associated with integrating related, yet dissimilar business functions
  • In-depth knowledge of the regulations governing finance and operations within a school District, including the California Education Code
  • Skill at solving complex problems that involve consideration of tradeoffs, risks, and effects on services and people
  • Sufficient written and oral interpersonal skills to prepare extremely complex and decisive reports, prepare and deliver formal presentations to large and diverse audiences, complete difficult negotiations, and build productive and effective work teams

Requires the ability to:

  • Carry out the duties of the position and accomplish its objectives. 
  • Integrate a wide variety of sub-functions
  • Organize, train, direct, and motivate staff to achieve high levels of productivity
  • Develop and analyze financial statements
  • Integrate multiple sub-functions into a single entity


Physical Abilities
Requires sufficient visual acuity to recognize words and numbers; also requires speech and auditory abilities to carry on conversations in large audience, personal, and phone conversations

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provides reports and statistical and financial data, as required, to provide budget status information and support in accounting preparation
  • Meets regularly with the Superintendent/President to provide financial data, and to recommend plans, or courses of action, affecting fiscal or other matters
  • Coordinates with the Associate Vice President of Facilities and Operations in the development of a campus facilities plan, construction and use plan, and in negotiation and processing of contractual agreements related to facilities or financial arrangements
  • Provides information to, and responds to questions from, the Board of Trustees upon approval by the Superintendent/President, regarding the financial condition of the District and other matters within assigned functional areas.
  • Works with other college administrators and staff to develop plans and assumptions for the annual budget
  • Administers the preparations, development, and monitoring of the budget, payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivables, and other financial related services; may administer the Foundation budget in accordance with policy
  • Directs the development and implementation of the District’s Chart of Accounts and ensures that compliance and reporting requirements will be met
  • Analyzes, prepares, reviews, and evaluates comprehensive financial statements and reports related to the District’s income, accounts, and investments
  • Directs the development and operation of the District’s revolving cash fund
  • Ensures the completion and filing of claims for various special projects
  • Represents the District at state and national meetings and conferences dealing with compliance, accounting, and other financial services’ issues
  • Attends regular and special meetings of the Board of Trustees
  • Serves as the administrator for the employee benefit programs, including group health insurance, disability insurance and other related or emerging employee benefit plans
  • Administers the District’s risk management and loss prevention programs
  • Supervises the maintenance of records of expenditures, income, and balances of all appropriations
  • Supervises and directs the accounting functions of the District and develops new procedures or accounting programs as needed
  • Responsible for the preparation of quarterly financial statements and year-end closing; provides information to external auditors, oversight of the District’s preferred payment plan, and ensures compliance with applicable policies and procedures
  • Participates in collective bargaining negotiations upon Superintendent/President’s purview
  • Responsible for the leadership and oversight of the District payroll office
  • Serves as a member of the District’s Executive Cabinet, participating in activities that result in the development of policies, programs, procedures, and strategic directions
  • Performs other duties as assigned by the Superintendent/President
Cover Letter, Resume/CV, Unofficial Transcripts (Degree Posted)